Service and Repairs for Porsche Vehicles in Las Vegas

Since 1992, Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair in Las Vegas has been dedicated to taking exceptional care of your European imports. We go all the way in helping you to maintain the positive performance of your vehicle. If you’re looking for experts in import auto repair, you don’t need to look any further. Our technicians follow factory specifications’ guidelines to ensure that our repairs will allow your vehicle to maintain the best performance.

Something as simple as an oil change can directly impact the performance of your import, and routine service of your Porsche will keep your engine operating at maximum efficiency. With a full service oil change, we will:

* Use full synthetic oil, as recommended.
* Do a 21-point inspection of hoses, brakes, belts and other parts, to make sure everything is working properly.
* Follow a 5,000 mile schedule between oil changes, since the high temperatures in the desert may affect the engine oil.
* Use the oil change dates to do a well-vehicle check on your Porsche, at intervals of 30k-60k-90k.

Routine maintenance is important, but you’ll also want a qualified and ASE certified mechanic when you need a repair in Las Vegas for your Porsche. If you have an oil or coolant leak, you’ll want to let us address it as soon as it is discovered, to avoid further damage to your engine. When we check on your oil or coolant leak, keep in mind that:

* Coolant leaks cause overheating, and this can lead to expensive repairs, down the road.
* Oil leaks stain your garage floor, but they can also cause belts or hoses to be soaked with oil and become defective.
* Our expert technicians will diagnose the repairs needed, to help in keeping your vehicle running smoothly.

You drive one of the best vehicles ever manufactured, and we know the investment you made when you selected your Porsche. We can protect your investment and keep your car running at peak efficiency.

Our shop has been family owned and operated for many years, and our knowledgeable staff and ASE certified technicians will work with care on your vehicle, giving you the best  service. You can schedule service online, or just drive in for an oil change. We have shuttle service to get you quickly back to your office or home, or you can rent a car at a discounted price, for more extensive repair work. As always, we give you personal, expert service.

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